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Collaborative Mental Health Assessment and Report

Each patient will be provided with a team of multidisciplinary professionals including of online assessments with a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Master Social Worker, and of course a Psychiatrist. 

In addition to the virtual assessments patients will receive a virtual psychoeducation and community navigation session with a master social worker, but "does not"  include follow up care sessions with a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, pharmacy contact, or prescriptions.

Pricing also include Indirect Patient Care, Clinical Collaboration amongst all clinicians, facilitation/administration, reporting collaboration and writing, and research.

**** Psychiatry portion of all assessments is covered through OHIP for Ontario Patients 

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Acute Collaborative Care Assessment Follow Up


*** For patients that have already completed a Collaborative Mental Health Care Assessment and Report with IPC ***

As requested or required, a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner will provide you with 3 acute mental health virtual follow up care appointments over a span of 2-6 months. These appointments will be for Mental Health purposes only, and can be useful when a patient requires new psychiatric medication, medication adjustments, or medication weaning for the purpose of mental health. 

These appointments will span 30-45 min per session, mental health prescriptions when necessary will be sent directly by the nurse practitioner to your pharmacy/pharmacist of choice, clinical notes and documentation for your primary care provider can be provided for easy reference once the 3 sessions are completed. 

**** Facilitation and Administrative Fees Apply and in most circumstances, provincial taxes will apply to Facilitation and Administrative fees, and this will reflect on invoices and receipts


**** While our fees are is not covered by provincial health care, some private insurance providers may cover a portion or all of the package amount.

Inquire About Collaborative Mental Health Care with IPC

Please submit this inquiry  form, email us directly at, or call us at 437 -837 - 6069 and we will respond to you very shortly.

IPC Pricing is $2500 + Applicable Taxes. Some private insurances may cover some or all of the fee.

Thank you for submitting your inquiry to IPC 

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