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Child/Adolescent Integrative Mental Health Care

At Integrative Psychiatry Canada (IPC), our Collaborative Mental Health Care Team consists of specialized pediatric and adolescent trained psychiatrists, ready to assist your child or adolescent on their mental health journey.

Many members of our integrative mental health care team are parents themselves, granting us a firsthand understanding of the importance of prompt responses and efficient mental health support for children and teens. This led us to establish a Collaborative Mental Health Care Model in Canada


At IPC, we understand that younger individuals require specialized care for their mental well-being. Our multi-disciplinary team is equipped to diagnose and treat various mental health disorders, including but not limited to mood, anxiety, and behavioral disorders. We also acknowledge that children and adolescents might encounter several mental health challenges concurrently.


Early intervention is key to preventing serious mental health impairment. This is why we emphasize delivering essential support to guide your child toward a healthier trajectory.  


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