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Integrative Mental Health Care (Ages 18 +)

At Integrative Psychiatry Canada (IPC), our Collaborative Mental Health Care Team consists of psychiatrists who are specialized in adult care, ready to support you or someone close to you on their mental health journey.


Our Collaborate Mental Health Care Team, has a wide array of clinical mental health therapeutic and treatment experience, granting us a firsthand understanding of prompt responses and efficient mental health support for adults. This prompted us to establish a collaborative mental health care model in Canada. In addition to virtual consultations with a trained Psychiatrist, your or someone you know will also benefit from consultations with a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a Master Social Worker.

At IPC we ensure timely response and acute care for adults facing mood, anxiety, sleep, and other mental health disorders. Whether its early intervention to prevent serious mental health impairment, providing secondary opinions, mental health diagnostic clarification, medication adjustments or medication weaning, and/or pre- natal or post-natal mental health care, we’re devoted to guiding you on a healthier mental health trajectory.

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