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Our Preferred Partner

Lori Butler and Associates
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Lori's commitment to cutting edge therapies and research has made her a voracious reader in academic thought, practical tools and neuropsychology.  Lori's passion for diversity and her extensive cross cultural travel and work experiences have shaped and enriched her holistic and innovative approach to create inspiration, challenge, empowerment and transformation. 

LB & Associates is the preferred partner of Integrative Psychiatry Canada, and Lori can be contacted directly.

Lori Butler


Lori Butler is the director of LB & Associates. She is a gifted and inspirational psychotherapist with a compassionate heart and magnetic ability to engage and connect with those seeking healing and or intentionally looking for a more aligned and purposed life.  Lori's innate wisdom and uncanny discernment are hallmarks which set her apart and reach beyond her season years of experience.



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